Enterprise Performance Management Software

Many organizations struggle with blending a need to share performance metrics with the people that need to see the metrics and to use proper performance reporting methods with the metrics. There is a lot of enterprise performance management software that is focused on the “ease of use” in a distributed computing environment, but the software only provides simple charting options. Enterprise performance management software that is able to provide proper performance and capability reporting does not typically provide a simple interface to provide information to the workforce. The Integrated Enterprise Reporting System (EPRS) software is able to meet both of these requirements: An easy-to-use information distribution system with proper performance charting methods.

Enterprise Performance Management Software EPRS Solution

The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Enterprise Performance Reporting System (IEE EPRS) software leverages the analysis and charting functions of Minitab, one of the most respected statistical software package, to provide predictive performance reporting and integrates the charts into a point and click graphical user interface that will work across all common HTML browsers. A web-based delivery allows the IEE EPRS system to link with any existing process diagrams, documents, or videos that is available on the existing information management system and IT infrastructure of an organization.

The acceptance of the IEE EPRS system is relatively quick within organizations because the enterprise performance management software has been created to leverage existing process maps and diagrams that are already understood, as the primary format for the user interface. You are not required to fit your organization into a standard format before you can use the IEE EPRS software.

The IEE EPRS tools in this enterprise performance management software were created to provide a simple vehicle to enable the advanced IEE Business system, as documented by Forrest Breyfogle III in his five book series, Integrated Enterprise Excellence, and the book, The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System. This business system describes the development and maintenance of a business improvement system that leads from the Mission and Vision of an organization through the development of appropriate performance measures. The IEE business system shows a method to derive strategies and improvement ideas that relate through the performance metrics to the true success of the organization.

The IEE EPRS enterprise performance management software is not required for a deployment of the IEE business system since all the reporting actions can be performed and maintained though manual efforts of the improvement staff. The IEE EPRS allows for automation of the performance charting updates and data acquisition, which will significantly reduce the labor required to maintain the system.

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