EPRS tour

The Enterprise Performance Reporting System Demo should open to your default web browser. It has been tested in IE and Chrome successfully, but all other browsers should also work to show the demo.

Upon opening, there are only a few live links on the diagram. Any rectangular box with a shadow behind it is a link to a drill down process map. There is one in the main diagram. Any oval box with a link symbol in the lower right of the box has a link to a metric or a document. There are two oval boxes that open to a page with two choices, a metric or a document. You can choose either one.

There is a simple example of the EPRS performance reporting with a Value Chain diagram used for navigation through the business available for viewing through this link. EPRS Demo As you view the demonstration example, just use click on icons and the browser back button as needed to drill up and down through the demonstraton. Icons that are linked to performance reports, documents, and other flow charts have a linkage symbol in the lower right corner, like this: Linked Icon

Performance Metric Creation

Watch the video below to see the demonstration of how a performance metric is created using the Enterprise Performing Reporting System.

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