COVID-19 Analyses

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There has been many COVID-19 Analyses. I too have conducted some COVID-19 analyses from differing perspectives and at differing points in time.  The following is a list of my posts that contain these analyses.

My Original Coronavirus Data Analysis Approaches

My two original coronavirus data analysis approaches were:

COVID-19 Data Analysis: United States And Texas

COVID-19 Data Analysis 2


A Better Coronavirus Data Analysis Approach: Percent of Deaths Cononavirus Data Analysis

To determine if the COVID-19 pandemic is getting worse, staying the same, or reducing, there are benefits for analyzing the ratio of percentage of deaths from influenza, phenomena, and coronavirus to total deaths. The reason for making this “better” claim, where to get the data, and adjustments needed in the analysis is described in Coronavirus Data: Percent Of Deaths Data Analysis – Data Source.


Percent of Deaths Cononavirus Data Analyses

The following are analyses using a percent of deaths approach for a cononavirus data analysis:

Coronavirus Data Analysis: Percent Of Deaths Analysis One – 05-24-2020

COVID-19 Data Analysis: Percent Of Deaths Analysis Two – 06-14-2020


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