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Next Version to Implementing Six Sigma Book

Organizations and individuals have benefited from the concepts described in the textbook Implementing Six Sigma, which in 2004 won ASQ′s distinguished book award; i.e., the Crosby medal.

Many have used Implementing Six Sigma for:

  • A reference aid when taking a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, or Master Black Belt certification test.
  • Application training of Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Reference in the application of Lean Six Sigma tools to improve a process.

The next version of Implementing Six Sigma is titled Integrated Enterprise Excellence, Volume III Improvement Project Execution: A Management and Black Belt Guide for Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard.Implementing Six Sigma Book Next Version

In the book′s 1100+ pages, Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Volume III sequentially describes implementation of Lean Six Sigma tools for an improvement′s project execution.  Book topics follow a Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) roadmap that structurally integrates Lean and Six Sigma tools so that the most appropriate methodologies are used at the right time to improve a process′s response.

Lean Six Sigma Books and No-charge Training Resources

Practitioners, universities, and on-site process improvement organizations gain much when utilizing Lean Six Sigma books and no-charge training resources as part of their Lean Six Sigma deployment. Benefits when using these resource include:

  • Lean Six Sigma process improvement execution can now follow a consistent roadmap, which can be presented in its training, so that everyone is working from the ″same sheet of music″;e., success is more than just learning the tools but how to also effectively integrate process improvement tools so that waste is minimized when executing an improvement project.
  • A no-charge zip file that contains over 100 Lean Six Sigma example and exercise data sets, which can be used in organizational training.
  • A no-charge Minitab add-in that can be downloaded for easy creation of a Lean Six Sigma improvement project metric baseline and later demonstration that a process-enhancement-effort enhanced the project′s metric response with the measurement output change.
  • How to select projects so that executives will be able see the benefits from improvement efforts.

″My students really appreciate the extensive examples in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III book as they learned how to resolve real world data analysis and improvement problems.″Robert Spencer, Professor and former editor of the ASQ Quality Management Division journal Quality Management Forum.

Lean Six Sigma Improvement Project Selection through an Operational Excellence Book-described System

Organizations often select Lean Six Sigma improvement projects from a list of potential projects; however, often this non-analytical approach for improvement project selection can lead to efforts that:

  • Are in silos where there is little, if any, benefit to the enterprise as a whole.
  • Often are not completed because of other ″higher priority″ items.
  • State a monetary savings upon project completion but nobody can seem to find the money.

What organizations need is a methodology for Lean Six Sigma improvement project selection so that the enterprise as a whole benefits. Operational Excellence through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence System is a means to accomplish this.

Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Five-book Series

An Operational Excellence (OE) 5-book series titled Integrated Enterprise Excellence addresses all the structural needs of OE providing.  Organizations can gain much from implementing the books’ described OE system. BUNDLED SPECIAL: Integrated Enterprise Excellence - 5 Book Set

Business Process Management Book

Business Process Management GuidebookLean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence Books Review and Video Describing the Benefits 

Robert Spencer, Professor and former editor of the ASQ Quality Management Division journal Quality Management Forum states:

″… IEE provides an Operational Excellence system that structurally links business predictive scorecards with improvement efforts so that the big picture can benefit. IEE books and tools give Lean Six Sigma practitioners a wide range of analysis methodologies and a straightforward framework for communicating business process improvement findings and recommendations…″

Robert Spencer’s six book reviews in ASQ Quality Management Division newsletter and video description of this textbook series summarizes the content of the writings and their benefits.

Operational Excellence Software Links Predictive Scorecards with Processes that created them

The Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software provides the vehicle for structurally integrating 30,000-foot-level predictive performance metrics (that are automatically updated) with the processes the created them.

This software can integrate with a ERP system, SQL data bases, spreadsheets, etc. for data collection and 30,000-foot-level reporting that can be automatically updated (e.g., daily) so that those authorized throughout an organization can have readily, unfiltered, performance information that can be referenced in real time during meetings, if desired.

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