Evaluating Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course Options

Evaluating the various lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course options is important. Many appreciate the advantages of Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification (MBB certification). There are many sources for Master Black Belt training; however, not all training is created equal.

Evaluating Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course Options

In addition to certification, attendees need to consider their reason for taking the training and what long-lasting skill sets do they expect from the MBB certification training.

Evaluating Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course Options

The whitepaper below discusses the following five reasons for Master Black Belt certification, which can help individuals and organizations determine what approach is best for them:

(1) Achieve Master Black Belt certification quickly for resume building; e.g., job-security attempt or loss of job.

(2) Learn how to use Six Sigma statistical tools better for project execution.

(3) Learn how to use Lean tools better for reduction of waste through kaizen events.

(4) Apply a roadmap for project execution of the integration of Lean and Six Sigma tools so that the right tool is used at the right time.

(5) Apply Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints (TOC), and beyond the balanced scorecard tools for not only the execution of improvement projects but also application of the tools at the business level as well.


Effective lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training should address all of these five points; however, traditional Master Black Belt (MBB) lean Six Sigma (LSS) training does not address each of these potential desires, especially number 5. However, Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Master Black Belt training does.

One item in the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Enhanced Business Management System is the analytical determination of improvement projects that benefit the business as a whole. A graphical illustration of this important business management system aspect of LSS is the creation of an Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP)

lean six sigma master black belt course taught enterprise improvement plan

Creation of an EIP and much more, including predictive performance metric reporting, is included in IEE Master Black Belt training.


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