Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training & Certification

Join a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training & Certification course that teaches you how to manage an improvement program that is tied to organizational success – not just projects and hard savings.

This course is a paradigm shift in how to approach organizational performance metrics and process improvement.  With the taught techniques, organizational key performance metrics can be tracked from a process-output point of view. From this enhanced metric reporting perspective, one can determine whether a particular process enhancement effort is needed so that the enterprise as a whole benefits.

How to accomplish this is lean Six Sigma 2.0 methodology, which includes a structure integration with the balanced scorecard, is also described in:

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training & Certification

This course shows how to overcome the shortcomings of a traditional Lean Six Sigma deployment, which can become a “hunt for project to execute” or a “training exercise.” With a traditional Lean Six Sigma deployment, executives can often have difficulty in seeing the benefits from the effort; e.g., 100 million dollars was reported in savings but nobody can find the money. A leadership-lack-of-benefit perspective can lead to an organizational Lean Six Sigma deployment downsizing or elimination.

Smarter Solutions two-week Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (MBB) course shows how to build upon the strengths of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, while at the same time overcoming the shortcomings of a traditional deployment.  Regular Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training events are held in Austin, Texas and Toronto, Canada.  This training can also be available at your location.

The intensive robust curriculum in this training is based upon wise application of next generation Six Sigma and Lean concepts via the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) System . Concepts taught during this training meet and exceed the ASQ MBB Body of Knowledge topics. A Lean Six Sigma Green or Black Belt certification is not a requirement for attending this workshop, if one has adequate statistical and non-statistical application experience.

This Master Black Belt training now provides an enhanced how-to methodology for creating an organizational Operational Excellence system.   Operational Excellence Master Black Belt training describes the benefits of this two-week offering.

Testimonials explain both personal and organizational gains received from this beyond Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt offering.

Is the Smarter Solutions’ Master Black Belt training right for you?

The Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is not a course for everyone. If your goal is merely to obtain your yearly training quota, this course may not be for you. Our Master Black Belt training curriculum has been developed, and taught for over 15 years, for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt who is preparing for a career beyond being an improvement project leader.

Prepare yourself for these activities:

  • Master Black Belts lead an existing business improvement program
  • Master Black Belts develop a new business improvement program
  • Master Black Belts facilitate targeted strategic planning discussions
  • Master Black Belts develop beneficial business performance scorecards/dashboards
  • Master Black Belts coach and mentor Lean Six Sigma professionals
  • Master Black Belts provide Lean Six Sigma training
  • Master Black Belts improve your team leadership skills
  • Master Black Belts successfully advocate for change within your organization AND
  • Master Black Belts provide you with advanced DMAIC project tools and skills

What’s different about the Smarter Solutions’ Master Black Belt training?

The Smarter Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training course is taught around the Integrated Enterprise Excellence system, which combines the Lean and Six Sigma skills with a methodology that allows their application outside of just running improvement projects. This course provides these benefits in the following manner:

  • The lead instructors for the course have over 20 years of Lean and Six Sigma experience and Master Black Belt Certification
  • Two guest speakers are brought in to speak for one-half day each, speaking on:
    • Advocacy from a business perspective
    • Effectively working with individuals in a team environment.
  • The Master Black Belt course materials are aligned to a single comprehensive set of two text books, provided to each student. Materials include the course notes, homework, project execution guide, project roadmap, and many other resources. These resources can be used long after the course completion as reference material.
  • All statistics are performed with Minitab, a recognized leader in Lean Six Sigma analysis software so that the Master Black Belt student does not have to be a statistician to be successful.
  • Each training week involves lecture, in-class individual activities, in-class team activities, and homework. The training provides an environment that is excellent for effective adult education, application, and learning.
  • Developing a partnership between the individual students and a Smarter Solutions Master Black Belt to support and coach them through their training, post-training work, and certification.

What types of students attend this course?

This training and certification is designed for Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have completed at least three successful Black Belt projects as project leader and have truly enjoyed this work, but realize they would like to do more. Since this is not the typical industry Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training and certification, a strong statistical and analytical background is important.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course cost:

Smarter Solutions offers two options for the Master Black Belt training class – public and on-site.

Instructor-led Public Training – $7,500.00
Various discounts may apply. Call us to see if your situation qualifies – +1 512.918.0280

On-Site Master Black Belt Training – Contact us for quotes based on your needs – +1 512.918.0280

What is included in the price of the course?

  • Coaching (during, between training weeks, and after the course) – Value of $800
  • Master Black Belt Certification (project required) – Value of $500
  • Reference Text/Materials – Value of $525
  • Certificate of Completion – Documentation of the number of hours completed that can be submitted for Continuing Education Units.
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training Books

5 Reference Books for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training

Course Locations

Smarter Solutions is currently teaching our Public Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt course (open enrollment) in the following locations

Further locations available by request/demand.

Pricing varies by situation, please contact us at +1 512.918.0280 or email us to determine your options.

Master Black Belt Training Reviews

Hundreds of students have participated in Smarter Solutions’ Master Black Belt training. Hear what three former students have experienced during and after the course in a one-hour video accessible through our Online Resource Library or by clicking the image below.

master black belt training reviews

Learn how to develop a long-term system of continuous improvement and align improvement efforts with your organization’s top priorities.

Instructor-led Course Length: Two 5-day sessions over two months. (4.5 days per week)

Next scheduled classes. Contact us for more information.

Download the course content.