Why should a Black Belt get Certified?

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I had a discussion with a student today who had taken our class and was not considering completing the certification requirements.  The student had already finished a project and was working on a second and third project.  He was now accomplishing all that he intended in his job. So why should he certify?

After talking with the student, I convinced the student to finish up and certify.  His organization paid for the course so that he would provide benefits to the company, and that was accomplished. Does the certification mean anything at that point?  Well, in one sense no it does not.  It could be considered as non-value-added for the organization, but to the student it is quite value added.

In today’s economic environment, certifications may differentiate you from people with whom you are competing for a job and may even help you keep your current job as a way to avoid downsizing.  What you can do today helps your organization, but certifications show persistence and fortitude.  They are also a recognition of your skills.

All certifications are not seen equally by every employer.  The certification source will make the difference. If you have been to a lean six sigma class, even ones other than ours, please fulfill the certification requirements and get the full benefit of your experience.

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