Webinar on Design of Experiments with cookies

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I heard today that I am going to provide a webinar covering my DOE making chocolate cookies.    It is occurred on June 9th 2011.  You can view it in our resource center.

I posted about making the cookies about a week ago so you may remember, but I wanted to come up with a practical example of running a DOE for a student that did not quite understand it after our course ended.  Like most course work, it covered more about the analysis with a discussion of the preparation and design.  I wanted to have him experience the preparation and design aspect, because the analysis of a good DOE is simple.

Sign up and I will walk you through the entire event as if you are there in the room and at the end we will show the analysis and what we found.

Since I am a long time chocolate cookie maker, I felt that I already knew what was going to be the result, and I was surprised.  But there is a reason for that.  Tune in and find out.