Voice of the Customer Business System Integration

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Business survival depends upon fulfilling the wants, needs, and desires of customers. For long-lasting success fulfilling this business requirement, an effective system is needed to capture and utilize Voice of the Customer (VOC) inputs. However, organizations often undertake this VOC task by creating a function that focuses on conducting and interpreting customer satisfaction surveys. With this approach, policies might even be established where employee compensation depends upon how well satisfaction-survey goals are met. Care needs to be exercised when capturing and using customer inputs, since the best intention can lead to playing games with the numbers and/or a VOC silo effort that is not integrated in the overall business management system. From an effectiveness point of view, one might even question whether customer satisfaction is the most important measurement to track. Why? Often customer satisfaction does not correlate as well as we might think to future customer’s buying behaviors – a critical factor. This presentation will describe an integrated business management system that effectively blends VOC needs, wants, and desires with metrics that move organizations toward achievement of the 3 Rs of business; i.e., everyone doing the Right things, and doing them Right, at the Right time. 

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