From Business Chaos to Competitive Advantage

What is the best problem statement for starting an effort that takes an organization from business chaos to competitive advantage? 1. Improvement projects are not positively impacting the bottom line. 2. Scorecards are not effective and need improvement. 3. Total revenue and profit margins are unsatisfactory. 4. Quarterly reviews are lengthy and have questionable value. 5. Organizations are operating in silos. This webinar will ...Continue reading →

New, Easier Options to Get Lean Six Sigma Certified

You are guaranteed up-to-date, refined training material when taking a course from Smarter Solutions. Our latest refinement reformulated the structure of the classes so that the participant has further benefits! Download this webinar and hear the easier-than-ever ways to get Lean Six Sigma certified with the same comprehensive learning experience from Smarter Solutions. Discover the advantages we offer as we unveil the new...Continue reading →

Why Your Manager Wants Lean Six Sigma Belts Working for Them

Find out how your leadership can take full advantage of Lean Six Sigma Belts, and also how anyone can sell their attendance in a Lean Six Sigma Belt class to management! Lean Six Sigma is a money-saving, profit-gaining methodology that can be leveraged in any business industry. Long-term Lean Six Sigma instructor, Rick Haynes, will engage attendees through this 1-hour presentation. Note: Audio stops at 46 minutes...Continue reading →