IEE Vol III Data sets – Examples and Exercises

Over 100 Lean Six Sigma examples and/or exercises are provided in the book Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III and its Solutions Manual. This zip file provides the data sets for these examples and end-of-chapter IEE Vol. III exercises.  (more…)

Digital Statistics Tables

Most practitioners do not frequently use the statistics tables, such as the normal distribution and t distribution. You may not have used them since your last Lean Six Sigma or statistics class. Is the lack of use due to the availability? If you would like a digital copy of the statistics table that has no intellectual property or copyright restrictions, download it here. This is an Excel workbook file, with all the equations that are used. Load i...Continue reading →

Improved Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP) Template

As Smarter Solutions continues to refine the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system, we tweak certain tools to improve their use. The Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP) has been updated in order to better title the columns so that they are clear in their intent. We have also added a fifth column as we modified the fourth column. The fourth column has been defined as the improvement being targeted, with the fifth colum...Continue reading →