Next Generation Business Process Management a Paradigm Shift

A next generation business process management a paradigm shift system is needed for businesses to thrive and be competitive in the future.  Current systems often lead to firefighting problems that continually reoccur or play games with the numbers to make things look better than they are. This next-generation system needs to incorporate automation of processes where they are created where most ne...Continue reading →

Lean Six Sigma Deployment Strategy

  Structured steps for a Lean Six Sigma deployment strategy are provided in the below “Steps for Lean Six Sigma Success” PDF written by Forrest Breyfogle. With the described deployment strategy, focus is given to the avoidance of silo projects that may initially look good but do not provide much (if any) organization-as-a-whole benefit.  The described approach addr...Continue reading →

Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence Examples

Organizations can benefit much when utilizing the concepts described in these managing for quality and performance excellence examples. Among other things metrics are evaluated from a high-level process output view point.  This 30,000-foot-level reporting provides a predictive process-output statement, when appropriate, and can offer additional process insight that is not available using traditional scorecard or dashboard...Continue reading →