Lean Six Sigma Solutions Book Review

In this lean Six Sigma solutions book review it is stated: ″Forrest Breyfogle’s Solutions Manual is a study guide that demonstrates application of statistical analysis skills using realistic business problems, related business performance data sets, and detailed project execution roadmaps.” In addition, Spencer states in this publish...Continue reading →

30,000-Foot-Level Performance Metric Reporting

A peer-review published article titled “30,000-foot-level Performance Metric Reporting” by Forrest Breyfogle describes the reporting of measurements from an in-flight airplane point of view. When the airplane is at an elevation of 30,000 feet, passengers can see a big-picture view of the landscape from a window. When the airplane is at 50 feet during land...Continue reading →

How to Create Performance Measurements and Metrics that are Predictive

Illustrated are the benefits of performance measurements and metrics that are predictive.  The  described next generation performance management methodology addresses issues with many current business management practices. In today’s approaches, organizations often set goals that are to be met at a certain point of time.  If a goal is met at the designated point in time, an organization often assigns the color green to indicate that the targe...Continue reading →