Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Implementation Plan

An effective lean Six Sigma 2.0 implementation plan aligns process improvement efforts to organizational key performance indicators (KPIs) improvement needs. With this alignment, process enhancement efforts can be made so that the enterprise as a whole benefits.  The question then becomes: how can an organization structurally create this association? The Continue reading →

Lean Six Sigma Implementation and Organizational Culture

Organizations benefit when they execute an effectively lean six sigma implementation and organizational culture that is long-lasting.  However, traditional deployments of lean Six Sigma often receive an early termination for various reason where these lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts never become a part of an organization’s DNA. What often occurs in these lean Six Sigma deployments is that organizations report be...Continue reading →

Risk Management Process Example for Business

A risk management process example for business is described in the published article titled ″High Vantage Point: Report-outs to reduce the Risk of Organizational Problems″ written by Forrest Breyfogle. A PDF of this article below describes how an organization typically views its safety and other infrequent occurring events as lagging indicators. With this tradit...Continue reading →

How to Report Performance Measures with Analyses, a Diabetes Illustration

How to report performance measures with analyses is an important consideration for organizations. Described is a generic approach on the use of a predictive performance reporting methodology with easy to conduct analyses.  From this study, one can gain insight to what could be done to improve a measurement's response. The published article titled “Monitor and Manage: Diabetes measurement tracking at the 30,000-foot-level” by...Continue reading →