Successful Six Sigma Black Belt Characteristics

The characteristics of a successful Six Sigma Black Belt Process Improvement Practitioner and a Master Black Belt Implementation Lead are similar to those needed in an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system deployment.

Successful Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt Characteristics

Ten characteristics for successful organizational lean Six Sigma practitioners are:

  1. Fire in the belly: They have an unquenchable desire to improve the way an organization does its business.
  2. Soft skills: They have the ability to work effectively with people in teams and other organizations.
  3. Project management: They have the ability to get things done well and on time.
  4. System thinker: They have an appreciation that work is accomplished through processes and that true long-lasting results are made through systematic improvements to these processes.
  5. Multi-tasking: They have no problem managing and scheduling several activities in the same time frame.
  6. Unstructured environment management: They have the ability to work in chaotic environments and create systems within these situations.
  7. Big picture thinker: They focus on aligning their efforts to impact the big picture. They avoid analysis paralysis.
  8. Analytical skills: They have correct and valid reasoning skills and are comfortable using mathematical techniques such as algebra.
  9. Organizational navigation skills: They can work around barriers without invoking higher authority.
  10. Critical thinking skills: They are skillful at conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information from multiple sources.


Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE): Lean Six Sigma 2.0 for utilizing Six Sigma Black Belt Characteristics

IEE takes the process improvement concepts of lean Six Sigma to its next level through a 9-step business management system, where lean Six Sigma process improvement techniques are to be applied in step 7.


Successful Six Sigma Black Belt Characteristics needed for IEE system


IEE addresses the business performance metric and scorecard issues described in a one-minute video:


Successful Six Sigma Black Belt Characteristics for IEE system


Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE): Successful Deployment Needs

For a successful IEE implementation, it is important to have people on the IEE deployment team who have characteristics that will make the deployment successful. The previous listed characteristics of IEE implementation team members is a tough criteria to fulfill; however, an important aspect of a successful deployment.


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