Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software Next Steps

Enterprise performance reporting system software next steps for installation consideration includes a demo and application discussion. Demonstration of the software and a conversation might reveal very large potential benefits from installing Enterprise Performance Reporting (EPRS) software and implementing the Integrated Enterprise Excellence system.

This demo and discussion would give focus to expanding upon the described general benefits provided in the  EPRS Benefits link. Concentration in this conversation would be given to addressing your specific organizational needs and desires.


Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software Next Steps: Live Demo

Interested, but need a little more information? Schedule a live virtual demonstration with us by calling (512) 918-0280 or e-mailing [email protected].

If the live demonstration of the software is not enough, we are able to offer a free pilot test of the EPRS software using our Cloud Server. If this sounds inviting, just request it after the live demonstration.



Purchase of the EPRS software (License, Installation, & Maintenance) provides the following:

  • Metric reporting development and analysis tools for Minitab that accelerate the EPRS scorecard development prior to inclusion into the EPRS.
  • Installation of the software on a windows server
    • Local server installation is included in the cost
    • Externally hosted server installation is included but there is an additional recurring expense for the hosting service by a third-party.
  • User training courses
    • Admin training taught by Smarter Solutions
    • Metric owner training course materials
  • Software usage guides
    • Data acquisition guide
    • Metric generation guide
    • Detailed software user guide
  • Software maintenance and support


Contact Us to set up a time for a demonstration and  to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might be able to have much bottom-line benefit from implementing EPRS software and utilizing the IEE next generation business management system.