Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software Scorecard

A next generation enterprise performance reporting system software scorecard methodology is provided in the EPRS system. Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software offers structured linkage between organizational scorecards and the process that created them. This EPRS structured linkage has many advantages.
next generation enterprise performance reporting system software scorecard

The EPRS system includes basic flow charting. EPRS  also allows linkage to common flowcharting software outputs, such as Microsoft Visio.  The result is creation of a HTML visual graphic that can link organizational performance reporting scorecards, procedures, and instructions using a standard web browser throughout an organization.

Through Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) methodologies, an IEE Value Chain can be used for a graphical navigation through the flow-chart diagram to drill downs into the organization for more focused views of performance and procedures.

The IEE Value Chain concept is an excellent and intuitive method to distribute 30,000-foot-level predictive performance scorecards and associated information throughout an organization.

An IEE value chain includes a diagram of the organizational functions that are key to the operational success and to the support functions. Each function is linked to high-level functional metrics along with drill-down diagrams that may show separate division, product, or other segmentation of a company’s performance metrics.

The advantage of this drill-down methodology is that one can create groupings of metrics for each level of an organization or for each process owner that recognizes the fact that all metrics are not created equal. Too many organizations have had their performance reporting system become unusable because of decisions to report too many performance metrics reported at high levels of the organization. This condition invariable leads to a disregard for the entire performance reporting system, and the few performance metrics that are very important are often ignored.

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