Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software Features

Enterprise Performance Reporting System software has many features.  The benefits list below expand upon the Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software and Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) descriptions that are provided in the link: EPRS Benefits. 

Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software Advantages

  • Requires only a web browser for user access. There is no workforce user installed software.
  • A web based user interface that requires no workforce user training is needed for the software.
  • Performance analysis is performed using industry standard software that is used throughout the world.
  • The graphical format reinforces the hierarchical nature of performance metrics, grouping measures with equal importance separate from lower level measures.
  • enterprise performance reporting system software features, EPRS data sourcesEvery IEE EPRS user has direct access to the performance measures that they need to manage their part of the business, without giving up access to the higher level enterprise performance measures.
  • The web format allows the current information management system to link to the IEE EPRS output, while allowing the IEE EPRS system to link back to process instructions, control plans, or any other file that is displayable within a web browser.
  • The graphical user interface is created specific for each client’s needs using simple flow charting methods.


Basic Functions

  • User access can be limited through the use of passwords.
  • Licensing is only required for the server installation, no user licensing is required.
  • Updating of performance charts may be performed manually or through an automated scheduler.
  • A color coding of performance measures can be used for linkage to a desired behavior; e.g., an unusual event that requires special-cause investigation or a common-cause undesirable response that requires process improvement to enhance a process-output response


Process Performance Reporting

  • In one chart, assess process stability and report a predicted performance output response for stable processes using wording that is easy to understand
  • Individuals charts assess process stability from a high-level, 30,000-foot-level performance point of view for a virtually every type of process-output situation
  • Process capability analysis statements that are easy to understand even when no specification exists
  • Pareto charts
  • Time-series analyses


Performance Metric Chart linked information

  • Metric description
  • Status (red/yellow/green)
  • Mail-To link to metric owner
  • HTML linkage to procedures, quality documents, and other documents related to the metric
  • History of the performance metric comments and change notes
  • Meta-data fields to allow performance metric grouping by location, process or any other selected characteristic



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