Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software and Multidimensional Testing Software

Smarter Solutions’ enterprise performance reporting system software and multidimensional testing software provide:  1. An enhance metric reporting system, which can reduce organizational firefighting. 2. A methodology that can improve software and hardware test coverage with less effort.

Enterprise Performance Reporting System Software, EPRS Reporting

Having a good business system and great employees is good. To have great business performance, though, requires more. The business leadership and decision makers must also have the proper information that they need to run the business easily accessible and in a format that is easily understood.

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Many businesses struggle with great plans and good concepts, but struggle with applications to make it easy. Smarter Solutions has spent time to develop specific Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management software solutions that we have found a deep need across industry. We have focused on developing solutions that will work with every imaginable corporate data management system, data warehouse, and even data management efforts that use Excel. Do not be surprised that there are many very successful small, medium and large companies that manage their businesses without the implementation of a big data warehouse or data management system. Their success is not a function of a fancy data management system, but it is the fact that they are using data to manage their business.

The next generation business management system described below addresses scorecard reporting and process improvement issues that are highlighted in a one-minute video.

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Enterprise Performance Reporting System and Multi-dimensional Testing Software: Solutions Available

Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS)enterprise performance management software IEE value chain

The Enterprise Performance Reporting System is a server based solution that is able to provide automated performance reporting and scorecards, following the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) concepts, that provides the performance report access through a standard web browser. The EPRS system uses existing network data sources to produce spectacular charts and capability assessments with little routine labor requirements.

Enterprise Performance Reporting System Local Client

The server based EPRS system is a great tool to provide company wide access to performance data, but it is not a great tool to allow the workforce to evaluate and analyze process data before it is ready for general viewing. The EPRS Local Client is an add-in to Minitab V16 that provides the identical performance reporting formats and configuration functionality as the EPRS server installation. The EPRS developer will use this local client to perform all development work for a new metric before setting the metric up on the the server system.

The EPRS local client is provided for general use within a company with an EPRS server installation, but it is also available for purchase without an EPRS server installation.

Multi-Dimensional Testing (MDT)

This software provides a testing functionality that is not provided in any standard statistical software or Design of Experiments (DOE) software package. The MDT software provides an ability to achieve the advantages of a DOE when the response is a logic pass-fail response. A logic pass-fail response is used when many combinations of options, functions, configurations, or setups need to be evaluated in a hardware or software environment to evaluate compatibility and functional testing as part of a development effort or to test for compatibility with existing systems.


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