Lean Six Sigma Deployment

The Smarter Solutions provides two types of Lean Six Sigma deployment

  1. Deployment of Lean Six Sigma skills to practitioners, team members and executive support staff
  2. Integration of Lean Six Sigma into the corporate business system and corporate culture.

Deployment option 1 is a chosen by companies that believe they have a culture that is accepting of change and it has effective systems to identify and manage change. In this deployment model the business is able to rapidly expand the workforce skill leveraging the Smarter Solutions trainers and executive coaches.

Some companies have found the Lean or Six Sigma methodology to be a true benefit within their company but the program has stalled or is not providing the full benefits that were expected. Smarter Solutions can invigorate your Lean and Six Sigma trained staff skills by introducing the IEE improvement roadmap that integrates the lean and six sigma methods into a single system. Our blend of concepts and tools allows a more complete and deeper set of improvements than a conventional lean or six sigma training can provide. This model will be successful only if there is a strong corporate culture to accept and manage change.

Deployment option 2 is preferred if an organization is early in the development of a complete corporate improvement program. In these cases Smarter Solutions will work with the executive staff to develop the business system and culture that will allow the business to effectively use the Lean and Six Sigma trained people.

Yes, this model takes a bit longer to realize results but it will nearly eliminate the chance that you will expend a large amount of training time and money and not achieve their end goal. Too many Lean Six Sigma programs fail, not due to the trained staff but because the infrastructure behind them fails.

This option is called an IEE business system deployment. A full description of this deployment can be found in IEE Deployment Services.


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