Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online

Smarter Solutions’ lean Six Sigma Black Belt training online provides a self paced, effective approach for learning lean Six Sigma 2.0 techniques.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online – What’s Expected

The Smarter Solutions Blended Online Black Belt class is intended as an entry level Lean Six Sigma course that will prepare the student to lead Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) improvement team efforts in any organization, including other business units, suppliers, customers, business support organizations, or any other business process without significant support from other Lean Six Sigma resources.

There are no prerequisites for this online Black Belt training; it is a stand-alone class. No prior Lean Six Sigma experience or statistical knowledge is required to successfully complete this course. The Online Black Belt course includes DMAIC topics that are not included in a Green Belt course, such as more complex data analysis, business process analysis, and Design of Experiments (DOE). Along with the additional DMAIC tools, the Black Belt course includes more training and depth in the “soft skills” topics like team management, leading change, and customer analysis. We consider a Black Belt course to be a 95% solution, in that the Black Belt will be able to manage and solve around 95% of the typical Lean Six Sigma DMAIC projects, only requiring Lean Six Sigma help for the most complex projects.

Upon completion of the course, the basic coaching requirements and an initial DMAIC project, the Black Belt student will be able to lead and manage improvement projects that range from a full Lean focus, to a Lean and Six Sigma blended focus, through what can be considered a pure Six Sigma quality project.

In a mature and successful Lean Six Sigma program, Black Belts are supported by an senior Black Belt or Master Black Belt to assist them in the tools that are less often used. Where there is not internal support, Smarter Solutions’ external coaches can meet those needs.

Learn how the Blended Online Training model works

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online Basic Course Investment: $3,100.00 *

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online Basic Course Investment with individualized coaching: $6,395.00 *

* Students outside of North America will incur and additional charge of up to $200 to cover shipping of the reference books to their location. Specific costs can be provided upon request.

What’s Included in this Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training Online:

Online e-Learning: The e-learning portion is comprised of approximately 155 hours of self-paced modules that cover the complete DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) roadmap. The material can be accessed for 365 days, at the student’s availability.

The statistical tools through-out the roadmap are taught using Minitab® Statistical Software, which is required while going through the course. The Minitab software can be provided with the course as a perpetual license at the retail price or as a one year license for $500.

Five Textbooks:

  • The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume I: The Basics
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume II: Business Deployment
  • Integrated Enterprise Excellence Volume III: Improvement Project Execution
  • Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide

lean six sigma black belt training online included books


Even years after the training, the student has bound textbooks that share the visuals and examples provided in the training course if they need to find a topic they remember from their course. The P-DMAIC workbook, Lean Six Sigma Project Execution Guide, includes the entire roadmap flow-chart along with discussions and examples to explain nearly every single roadmap step. This workbook can be thumbed through until a familiar diagram or graphic is found which will also include references to the textbook (by chapter and section) for further reading, along with example outputs for different analytical tools.

Coaching & Certification: There are two coaching options available for the Blended Online Black Belt course.

  • Basic Course: In this model the student is provided email based coaching to support the online course usage. There is no coaching on the course content or support for certification. The student will be provided all of the homework solutions, in a PDF format, to allow feedback on the learning sessions. No certification is included in this option, but it can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • Basic Course with Individualized Coaching: In this model, the student is assigned a personal Smarter Solutions’ Master Black Belt coach that will provided all of the basic coaching but also up to twelve hours of one-on-one support for the improvement project, working with the project champions and team members if needed. The one-on-one support provides a learning experience that meets or exceeds what a student would find in an instructor led classroom environment. This coaching may be conducted via telephone, e-mail, or web conferencing. Individualized coaching in native languages other than English is available at slightly different pricing. Specific pricing estimates are available upon request.
    • Certification: Upon completion of this course and an improvement project, the student may submit for certification. The list of certification requirements is available upon request. If the student has progressed through the course, scored above 80% on the exam, and completed each of the scheduled coaching sessions for their project; it is estimated that the certification review will be a very quick process. Upon certification, the student will receive a certificate and plaque acknowledging this great achievement.

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