Business System and Problem-Solving Consulting

Smarter Solutions’® business consulting and problem-solving for Business Systems helps organizations benefit from the wise usage of predictive scorecards, integration of analytics and innovation for strategy creation, and process improvement efforts so that the business as a whole benefits.

Example Business System and Problem-Solving Consulting opportunities are:

  • ISO 9001
  • Reduction of defects in a complex process
  • Process simulation and modeling
  • Complex data analysis
  • Reduction of development lead time with a reduction of design issues
  • Wise application of Design of Experiments (DOE) to improve an established process, supplier qualification, new-product development optimization, improving the effectiveness while reducing the effort to test new product designs, reduce hand-off issues between development and manufacturing
  • Reduction of process-execution waste
  • Scorecard creation with predictive metrics
  • Strategic planning that truly blends analytics with innovation
  • Enhancement of improvement and development project creation and execution
  • Utilization of pass/fail functional testing for efficient and effective combinational factor-level assessments
  • Statistical reviews of documents and analysis

Smarter Solutions® business consulting references and utilizes the enhanced methodologies and roadmaps described in our books. This approach increases the effectiveness of the work in helping organizations achieve long-lasting enhancements.

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