Why consider Smarter Solutions for your Business Process Management System support?

Smarter Solutions has been in working with business for over 20 years. Bringing them new tools and skills to allow the businesses to grow and succeed in an ever changing business environment.

In 2008, Forrest Breyfogle published a series of books, The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) series, which provided guidance on the application of Enterprise Process Management and Business Process Improvement. Since their printing, the growth of Business Process Management has continued and is now a mainstream business strategy. Forrest’s IEE books provide a perfect description of the Enterprise Process Management system that is just glossed over in most Business Process Management books.

Smarter Solutions views Business Process Management as just another competency that can be used by leading businesses to continue improving and growing. By itself, Business Process Management is not a strategy or stand-alone initiative that can be long-standing. Without a complementary business management system, BPM will probably have a quick life-cycle as have many popular business methods.

Smarter Solutions views a business as a system of interdependent processes. A business run with many silos, that compete for priorities, and that are managed by a small set of independent managers will always struggle. Building a business around a clear set of management rules (a system) that are supported by a data driven performance management system, like the IEE system, is the path to a unified business workforce.

Through many years of working with Lean and Six Sigma and other BPI methods, Smarter Solutions knows how to align the Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiatives to the business strategic needs.

The Smarter Solutions’ Integrated Enterprise Excellence and Business Process Management system provides a methodology to improve the entire decision making process in your business without an impact on the culture and principles that make your business strong.

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