Enterprise Process Management Implementation following IEE Roadmap

Enterprise Process Management (EPM) is a system that can help orchestrate organizational activities so that customers and their business achieve financials benefit. There are many advantages to the management of an organization when there is measurement, management and improvement systems in the enterprise so that operational processes are executed, aligned, and have integration. With an Enterprise Process Management approach that fulfills these needs, concentration is given so that the enterprise as a whole benefits and there is an avoidance of organizational silo efforts that might look good locally but have little, if any, enterprise-wide benefits.

Organizations benefit and reduce wasted efforts when this enterprise process management system incorporates an integrated repository of performance metrics and procedural documentation that are readily accessible by management and the entire workforce. Management benefits when they use such a system for providing and maximizing its measurable, predicable, and sustainable whole-enterprise financial enhancements.

Enterprise Process Management and Integrated Enterprise Excellence

An EPM system that utilizes an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) foundation for its implementation provides a vehicle for achieving the above objectives. An IEE EPM deployment involves the integration of non-statistical and statistical methods. IEE’s implementation of Enterprise Process Management is a methodology that enhances traditional Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Improvement (BPI) techniques.

IEE’s implementation for Enterprise Process Management provides direction so that organizations do not undertake the execution of both strategies and improvement efforts that may not be beneficial. The IEE Enterprise Process Management system provides organizational direction for identifying risks and the creation of no-nonsense performance measurement dashboards that result in efforts so that the enterprise’s financials benefits.

EPM IEE Implementation

EPM integrates with Business Process Management (BPM) in the IEE system. This integration is shown in the following graphic where the EPM portion of the system is highlighted. Integration details of the EPM/IEE system are provided in a free e-book.

Enterprise Process Management Roadmap

Enterprise Process Management Implementation

Implementation details for using an IEE road-map for an EPM implementation is described in Enterprise Process Management IEE books, videos, recorded webinars, and articles.