Next Generation Business Process Management System Integrated Enterprise Excellence

Organizations benefit when they implement a next generation business process management system. An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) System offers a 9-step methodology which provides a roadmap for both initial Business Process Management (BPM) installations and enhancements to current deployments.

next generation business process management system

Needs for a Next Generation Business Process Management System and Integrated Enterprise Excellence

A Business Process Management System has two primary focus areas: process management and the IT automation of existing workflows. Most of the marketing on the Internet and elsewhere is for IT solutions that can make it easy to convert human workflows into a more software-managed workflow, but it is the business system that supports the automation efforts that is probably more important.


  • Without a business system behind the automation, how will you know if you are applying the automation in a method that best supports the business strategic needs?
  • Strategic BPM workflow automation flows from the Business Process Management System!
  • Automation without a BPM system wastes resources!

Business Process Management System Objectives

A business process management system should give focus to:

  • Efficiently providing value to your customers
  • Reducing variation in process execution
  • Reducing errors in your processes
  • Increasing the value of your workforce
  • Providing information to better manage the day-to-day business
  • Providing information for the workforce to improve its performance
  • Providing a structure to allow workflow automation

If you automate a poor process you will end up with a poor process that is more consistently poor.”

An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach for implementing a business process management system provides an integrated approach for systematically addressing all these objectives and more! Details about implementing this approach is described in a free business process management system e-book.

Business Process Management System Components

Many organizations and publications speak of “The BPM process” but there are actually two management processes that are considered as part of the IEE business process management system. The software vendors push only the improvement part, where you drive to automate workflows. These suppliers under represent the sustaining management activities that are used to make the day-to-day decisions that exist before and after a workflow is defined.

The following graphic shows how the Business Process Management is integrated with Enterprise Process Management. Within the oval, the process analysis is performed and followed with management actions or a modeling effort to drive improvement.

next generation business process management system diagram

Business Process Management System Improved and Sustained Performance

Two aspects of a BPM system are performance improvement and sustainability.
Attributes of BPM improvement efforts are:

  • Identify key business processes needing improvement
  • Model the process
  • Optimize/Improve the process
  • Implement new process
  • Institute new management practices

Attributes of BPM sustaining performance are:

  • Evaluate performance output and customer voice
  • If acceptable: Maintain current system and management practices

If unacceptable: Initiate business process improvement

The IEE business process management system:

  • Emphasizes the day-to-day management of processes because no automation will succeed without a management system to monitor and adjust it.
  • Provides a business alignment between the enterprise business strategies to the ground-level process execution needs.

Business Process Management System Implementation

To learn more, Read the Business Process Management Guidebook: The Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System:


Next Generation Business Process Management System Book



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