Business Process Management System: IEE, an Enhanced Approach

All companies have a business process management system that includes a set of policies, practices, procedures, and processes used in developing and deploying strategies, their execution, and all associated management activities. This business system is to provide performance information that is to be used by leadership in their decision-making process. As a business grows and the workforce turns-over, the difficulty of managing an entire enterprise increases. To address this challenge, organizations may choose to implement a traditional Business Process Management (BPM) system.

Introducing a Business Process Management System

The introduction of BPM often starts with workflow automation software and the assignment of people to execute this undertaking; however, with this approach, workflow automation can occur in a “random fashion” and may not be in alignment with strategic enterprise needs. Existing business process management systems are typically a mix of historical practices that everyone is comfortable with and a few new systems or methods that are currently popular in business books or by the large consulting firms.

Smarter Solutions has seen these situations at many of our clients, from large to small and from young to older companies. Every company is getting by with the frustration, wishing things could be better. We hear things like:

  • I wish we would have known that this product/service would not sell.
  • I wish we would have noticed the market changing a lot earlier.
  • We should have replaced that equipment last year, we missed the signs.
  • We are losing money, cutting the staffing is the only thing that I know will help.
  • We do not know where we are struggling, so every department is to cut 5% of spending.
  • Why are we keeping these customers/products/services that we lose money on year over year?
  • Every consultant we bring in recommends that we cut our workforce; can’t we find a way to grow the business?

What is described below will address these and other common business issues.

IEE and BPM Relationship graphic

The term Business Process Management, at its basic level, implies a Business can be managed through a management of its basic business processes. Smarter Solutions has observed that the component associated with Business Process Management called Enterprise Process Management (EPM) is the key to a probable business success that BPM alone cannot achieve. The parallel development of an EPM system can make all of the difference in the world. The full integration of BPM with EPM is what is accomplished with an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) System approach.

Business Process Management (BPM) and Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE)

Smarter Solutions has been a proponent of the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system as a business system that could be used to provide clear performance indicators and the identification of a business’ key opportunities for improving their financials.  However, IEE system has not provided much guidance on how to use these performance indicators in the management of day-to-day business processes.  Business Process Management (BPM) methods include in its scope not only day-to-day business process management and continuous improvement effort but also the potential to automate workflows.  The implementation of these automated workflows, which are managed through IT systems, could significantly reduce labor requirements, while achieving a standardized customer experience.

A combination of these BPM attributes with the IEE system provides organizations with a complete business management system that addresses everything from the strategic plan to how a worker executes a process in a simple, data driven methodology, as illustrated in the figure above.

More detailed information on the IEE Business Process Management System

IEE Enterprise Process Management (EPM): We call it the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business system.  The IEE system provides the structure that is built around a Business Process Management (BPM) system in a form that enhances the benefits of the BPM methods to the overall strategic performance of the business.

Business Process Management (BPM): The BPM methods provide the structure to understand, manage and improve the basic business processes that are executed every day.  The focus is on the value-added operations that provide value to your customers.

Why use Smarter Solutions IEE & BPM methods: There are many places to go for information and support in the development of a business BPM system, but they are not all equal. Smarter Solutions provides some very key benefits that are available from a single source.

IEE & BPM Offerings: Smarter Solutions is able to provide a full range of IEE & BPM training for executives, managers, and your workforce. Not every business is looking for a complete re-building of their Enterprise and Business Process Management systems. Smarter Solutions can provide the amount of service that is needed so that individuals and businesses accomplish what they desire from existing system adjustments. Using Smarter Solutions’ training materials (online and in-person), every person or business will be able to rapidly gain the skills and knowledge to almost immediately enhance their job performance.

IEE & BPM Deployment: If you are looking for new deployment of the EPM and BPM system in your business or a rejuvenation and improvement of an existing EPM and BPM system, Smarter Solutions is ready to support your efforts.


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Keith Moe, retired Group Vice President of 3M’s Electro and Communications Markets Group Division, considers IEE the most complete and effective operational management system available. He defines it as a process that allows management to accurately predict financial results, meet growth goals, maximize cash flow, force innovation, develop responsive supply chain dynamics, meet customer needs, improve employee performance–and avoid surprises.






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