Next Generation Performance Reporting Software

Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software provides, in addition to reports of performance, guidance on where long-lasting improvements should be directed so the bottom-line of an organization is enhanced.

EPRS software in an overall Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system helps organizations reduce firefighting and move toward achievement of the 3R’s of business; i.e., everyone doing the Right things, doing them Right, at the Right time.


performance reporting software that reduces firefighting


Red-yellow-green Scorecards and Unhealthy Behaviors

Edwards Deming in his red bead experiment highlighted the issues with simply setting organizational performance reporting point-in-time goals (e.g., daily or monthly) without integrating a structured approach for making process improvement.



performance reporting software to address Deming red bead experiment lessons learned


The published article link at the bottom of this page shows why red-yellow-green performance reporting can lead to the same unhealthy managerial issues that Deming’s red bead experiment highlights.

Using software that gives focus to tracking measurements against point-in-time goals (e.g., monthly performance goals) typically does not lead to behaviors that structurally improves processes long-term so that the enterprise as a whole benefits. IEE EPRS software is a next generation performance reporting methodology that addresses this traditional measurement scorecard report-out shortcoming through its 30,000-foot-level reporting methodology.

Reported performance metrics are the results from what occurred within the execution of processes.  IEE 30,000-foot-level reporting provides a high-level view (i.e., airplane-in-flight view of the earth below) of the outputs from organizational processes, including the variation that typically occurs with process-response-over-time metrics.


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Benefits of the IEE Performance Reporting Software System Methodology

The 30,000-foot-level performance reporting methodology in the IEE EPRS software provides:

  • Transparency in performance reporting
  • Simplified, consistent-formatted internal management and operational reports
  • Data management from multiple sources
  • Data collection automation and aggregation from ERPs, CRMs and other systems
  • Increased accessibility to financial and non-financial key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Real-time access to data
  • Centralized enterprise data to streamline corporate performance management processes, regardless of geographic or departmental barriers
  • Avoidance of anecdotal story telling (e.g., what happened last week or month), which often has little, if any, value for improving future performance measurements, long-term.
  • Predictive statements for performance reports, where if a futuristic statement is undesirable, the related process needs enhancement
  • Structured linkage of metrics with the processes that created them (i.e., if a predictive performance metric is undesirable, the associated process needs enhancement)
  • Structured analysis of KPIs and the enterprise, in general, to determine where to focus and execute improvement efforts so there is a long-lasting enhancement demonstration of performance report-outs
  • Demonstration and quantification of the enhancement to KPIs from process improvement efforts


What has been said about IEE EPRS Performance Report Software

“I recently had a discussion with a team from one of the largest consulting firms concerning the scorecards they were brought in to create for our corporation.  Their proposal wasn’t even close in value to the IEE approach.  What was presented to me were three pages with a smattering of up-and-down, red-yellow-green arrows – for continuous data!  And the metrics were a conglomeration taken from all different levels.  They couldn’t even tell me what the metrics meant.  With the IEE approach my leaders can get information to help them set targets and make decisions . . . and actually pinpoint where to target our improvement efforts.  That’s the approach I’m going to drive through my organization.”  E. M., (at a top 10 pharmaceutical company)


A one-minute video: EPRS Performance Reporting Software in an IEE System

The IEE EPRS Performance Report Software addresses the common-place business scorecard and improvement issues that are described in the 1-minute video:


performance reporting software video



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For more information on the benefits of the EPRS performance reporting software methodology, download the published ASQ Quality Progress October 2018 article titled “The Improvement Of Scorecard Management: Comparing Deming’s red bead experiment to red-yellow-green scorecards.”