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My last post on the LocalU seminar is part of a 3+ month effort to update our business website.  We worked with a great company, Espresso Moon, out of Houston who has done a great job.  Working with a process improvement company is not always an easy job, since we are constantly looking for ways to improve.  This website rebuild started as just an update to improve the usability, which we were able to improve, but in the middle of the effort we decided to adjust the purpose of our site.

Our prior site design was intended to market our services and to provide our information through our online resource library.  The Online Resource Library required a login, which may have limited the accessibility for some people.  The new site follows a philosophy, where we have decided to provide a greater level of information without a login.  Smarter Solutions has tried to move from a pure marketing focused site to a more information site.  The site has gone from around 29 pages to 92 pages.

Another change was in the navigation methods throughout the site.  Our prior site used the home page to distribute everything based on a drop down menu.  With the increase in our products and services we decided that it was time to move to a more logical site structure.  If you look at the home page now, it is quite simple.  The home page is just a directory to our different products, services, and resources.  Each button takes you to a microsite that is focused on a single topic.  We believe that this structure will improve the usability of the site, as measured by visitors following more links and then staying on the pages they want to view longer.  Of course, we are following metrics to evaluate our expectations.

We have also changed our logo, to show a more updated look.

Smarter Solutions Logo Transformation
Smarter Solutions has changed its corporate logo

Here are links to a few new pages with the new information.

Here is a link to all of the IEE information linked to a single page.

Here is a link that discusses many of the popular business improvement and performance reporting methods.

What may become a popular page to visit is a single page that includes links to all of the topics that Forrest has discussed in presentations and publications over the year.  It is called Forrest’s Favorites, of course.

Please comment on this blog if you have an opinion on the new site or just email us at [email protected].

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