6 Sigma Criticism Article Response and Next Generation Implementation

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A response by Forrest Breyfogle to a Wall Street Journal Sigma criticism article is provided below.  In addition, the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) enhanced approach for implementing lean Six Sigma is also discussed .

Lean Six Sigma process improvement efforts can provide benefits to an organization; however, there are issues with traditional lean Six Sigma deployments.  For example, process enhancement efforts often in a lean Six Sigma deployment occur in silos and do not benefit the overall organization’s financials.

An IEE deployment overcomes this silo issue:


6 sigma criticism and iee enhancement


6 Sigma Criticism Article Response and Next Generation Implementation

An Integrated Enterprise Excellence lean Six Sigma deployment template addresses this shortcoming of a traditional 6 Sigma deployment, as noted in the following table:


6 sigma criticism article and iee system

An IEE system also addresses the business scorecard and process improvement issues that are described in a 1-minute video:


6 sigma criticism issues overcome with iee video



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