Learning about yourself - a goal for a new year

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I believe one of my behaviors has made me a better Master Black Belt, a better Consultant, and a better person.

It is a drive to learn about me; what motivates me, what I enjoy, how I communicate…..

Skill learning is an important behavior to help your career, but how you use it may be more important.  The how is based on knowing yourself.

I have observed over a hundred MBBs being trained and performing at work.  I learned, through this observation, that there are successful and unsuccessful MBBs who are not at all like me at all, successful and unsuccessful MBBs that are just like me and ones that are in between.  This makes me wonder what makes some MBBs successful and others not.  Through all of this, I believe the characteristic that all successful MBBs hold is an enjoyment of learning.  Learning more skills, but more about themselves.

This belief is reinforced by the student responses to our two guest speakers that participate in our MBB course.  The two guest instructors focus on the human side of Lean Six Sigma.

Learning More about yourself

With today being the last day of 2015, I am choosing to write about a website that I find intriguing and a great place to learn about yourself and other stuff.  www.clearerthinking.org

I found this site in a Wall Street Journal article on how people value their time.  (you should take the test and learn about it)  This site is full of seemingly unbiased (politically) information.

You time value link  http://programs.clearerthinking.org/what_is_your_time_really_worth_to_you.html

I am also a decreed statistician, but the paper on Bayesian statistics fascinated me on how it was able to explain a complex topic that I never quite understood during my masters program.

Consider a new years resolution to better yourself through learning about yourself this year.  It is easy to accomplish and will pay dividends.  Consider the website clearerthinking.org as one vehicle to make it happen.

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