Problems with the Balanced Scorecard Resolved Through the IEE System

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Problems with the balanced scorecard can be overcome through the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system.

Have you have ever wanted to adopt the balanced scorecard philosophy into your organization? You may like the concept but find that it is not quite enough and has its limitations. Issues with the balanced scorecard methods are not in the generic sense of balance (which is good) but in the way the original authors choose to introduce balance into the scorecard ideas. This article walks through a vehicle to develop, implement, and apply the balanced scorecard to its fullest extent so that it will be useful to leadership. 

Problems with the Balanced Scorecard Resolved

One of the issues with the Balanced Scorecard is the alignment to strategies that can have its own problems, as described in the graphic

problems with balanced scorecard that are aligned to traditional strategy statements

The article link below provides access to a PDF on how the IEE system can be used to enhance the balanced scorecard methodology.


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