How to Create a Service Quality Information System

The creation of a service quality information system needs a solid foundation to build on.  The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system provides this needed quality information framework.

Creating an Effective Service Quality Information System through IEE

The IEE system consists of nine steps:


service quality information system


In IEE, the building of an effective a service quality information system begins with step 2 of the IEE 9-step system.  The IEE value chain in step 2 describes what an organization does and how it measures what is done.

An illustrative IEE value chain (i.e., for step 2) is:


service quality information system value chain


In this generic IEE value chain:

  • rectangular boxes are functions
  • oblong boxes connected to rectangular boxes are metrics that have been selected for the connected-to functions
  • yellow oblong boxes are chosen metrics that are thought important to customers
  • main functions of the organization are connected with arrows (e.g., produce and deliver product), support functions are not (e.g., legal)
  • oblong boxes connected to “report financials” are considered to be reported as “satellite-level” metrics
  • oblong boxes connected to all functions except “report financials” are considered to be reported as “30,000-foot-level” metrics

Important needs to create an effective service quality information system is:

  • Define appropriate quality, cost, and time metrics  metrics for each function
  • Track performance metrics from a high-level process output point of view; i.e., a 30,000-foot-level predictive point of view
  • Provide a clickable drill down of processes so that there is readily availability of process information and associated performance metrics that automatically updated, visible to all authorized in an organization; e.g., with Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software (for benefits of EPRS CLICK HERE)


service quality information system software


With the IEE value chain, organizational performance metrics are linked to the processes that created them.  If a performance metric is undesirable, the associated process then needs to be improved.


Process Improvement in the IEE Service Quality Information System

Process improvement is an important aspect to integrate in a service quality information system.  This is accomplished in the 9-step IEE system through:

  1. Identification of where to improve so that the enterprise as a whole benefits: i.e, steps 3-6
  2. Execute improvement projects that were identified to improve the enterprise as a whole; i.e, step 7

An Enterprise Improvement Plan (EIP) shows how process improvement efforts are aligned to organizational “big picture” needs; i.e., through steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the IEE 9-step system:


service quality information system EIP



Webinar: Additional Considerations for Creating a Service Quality Information System




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