Free Business Process Management Software

This free business process management software can provide a prediction statement for stable output response processes.

When a high-level (or 30,000-foot-level) process management response is undesirable, this unsatisfactory response ″pulls″ for the creation of an improvement project.

This free Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software app can, for example, create the 30,000-foot-level figures shown in the books Management 2.0: Discovery of Integrated Enterprise Excellence and Leadership System 2.0: Implementing Integrated Enterprise Excellence.

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Example Applications: Process Management Software

Management 2.0

  • Figure 6.2, Hanks golf shots
  • Figure 7.8, Positive metric article, wastage baseline
  • Figure 7.13, Positive metric article, demonstrating wastage reduction
  • Figure 9.7, Expense
  • Figure 9.8, Lead Time
  • Figure 9.9, non-conformance rate
  • Figure 10.2, Lead time after process improvement

Leadership System 2.0

  • Figure 4.1, IEE Satellite-level EBITDA Report
  • Figure 4.2, Emergency Department visits
  • Figure 6.5, EBITDA
  • Figure 6.7, Customer dissatisfaction rate
  • Figure 6.8, Market share
  • Figure 6.10, Patient length of stay
  • Figure 6.11, Operational expense to revenue ratio
  • Figure 6.14, Delivery time
  • Figure 6.17, Provided service dissatisfaction rate (%) after improvements
  • Figure 6.18, Delivery time after improvements
  • Figure 6.19, Customer Dissatisfaction Rate after improvements
  • Figure 6.20, Market share after improvements
  • Figure 6.21, EBITDA after improvements

Application: Process Management Software

One can use this high-level process management software (EPRS Metrics Tool App) for their business process datasets.

All that is needed is that the data be in an Excel spreadsheet format. This software can analyze both continuous and attribute data for a variety of situations.


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Enterprise Application of Process Management Software′s Reporting Methodology

An organization can extend this free business process management app’s reporting methodology via Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) software. With this IEE EPRS software implementation, organizations can have behind their firewall business-process-management metrics that are automatically updated and align with the processes that created them.


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