Fitbit Charge 2 Reviews and Poor Customer Service Assessment

My ″ Fitbit Charge 2 Reviews and Poor Customer Service Assessment ″ is an illustration of how a company can created a system that shouts, ″we are not interested addressing voice of the customer wants, needs, and desires″.

Fitbit Charge 2 Reviews and Poor Customer Service Assessment – My Story

The following is a sequence of events that occurred to me:
1. My wife has a Fitbit but I didn’t. I only wanted a device to provide me time, date, and pulse rate.
2. I selected a Fitbit Charge 2 to give me this information but did not know what I was getting into.
3. A Fitbit Charge 2 required that a computer or mobile device be used to get even the basics. There was no documentation included with the product about installation.
4. After much pain and agony working with my relatively new computer, I discovered that I needed to purchase a USB Dongle (not included with the product).
5. I purchased a Dongle from Amazon, which took two days to receive. I could not a find a store in Austin that sold a Dongle.
6. After much additional pain and agony trying to setup the Fitbit Charge 2 via my computer, I called the Fitbit ″customer service″ phone number [(877)623-4997].
7. John was the start of my Fitbit Charge 2 review and poor customer service assessment.
8. John had me do many things including a un-install and reinstall of their program, but I still had the problem.
9. After my insistence, John agreed to escalate via phone call transfer my problem to second tier customer support. The phone connection dropped.
10. After receiving no call to my phone number, like they said they would if there was a dropped connection, I called again.
11. I told Monica, who answered the phone, about how John said he was going to escalate my issue to second tier customer support and the connection dropped.
12. Monica indicated that there was no documentation relative to my account about this. John apparently was to have documented what we had done to resolve the problem but didn’t.
13. With Monica, we again went through a similar routine as John but had the same problem.
14. Monica said she was going to talk with her team. From this, she then said that there was a glitch in the software.
15. Monica said she would send me an e-mail, where I was to send back to her the error log zip file, which I did. Monica said that she received the file and would send it to the person that was to resolve the issue.
16. Monica issued me a case number and gave it to me. Monica told me directly that she was going to take ownership of this case and get back with me the afternoon of the next day.
17. After a couple days past and no phone call, I called the ″customer service″ phone number again.
18. This time Harley asked me for my e-mail address, etc. I would have thought that my case number would have been attached to my account but apparently wasn’t. Also, there was no apparent record of me sending and her receiving the error log that was received from their software.
19. I gave Harley my case number. She looked up the case and said that there has been no resolution and they will e-mail when resolved (i.e., not unlike ″check is in the mail″ response). I said I wanted a time frame for resolution. She said she could not get any; i.e., there is no process to get this information from the ″problem resolution″ department. I was to wait until I get an e-mail from them. I told her this could be 3 years – she did not disagree. She said she understood my point. I said that I wanted to speak to her manager.
20. Harley’s manager, Angles, then started talking with me. I brought up the lack of escalation and feedback relative to my case number status and expectation resolution date. All business systems should be able to handle this type request. I told her this could be 3 years – she did not disagree. I told her that I would give my input to social media. She did not care, which I gathered from her tone of voice.
21. I am still anxiously waiting for a call from Fitbit that addresses my issue, but I am not holding my breath.
22. BTW I am sorry that I bought my Fitbit charge2 from Amazon, since it appears that I could have received coupons, etc. by searching on the Internet for a Fitbit. My bad.
23. I am trying to figure out what to do with this device. I really wanted something useful that gives me the basics.
24. Fitbit gets a minus 5 in my book!

After further examination on the Internet, I note that there are many negative comments about Fitbit!

Fitbit Charge 2 Reviews and Poor Customer Service – How to Avoid in Organizations

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