Enhanced DMAIC Six Sigma Template: Details and Webinar

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Described are the details and webinar of an enhanced DMAIC Six Sigma Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control roadmap for the execution of process improvement projects.

In traditional Lean Six Sigma, process improvement is to follow a  Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) roadmap for project execution; however, often reports from these projects in anecdotal. The author of the award-winning book, Implementing Six Sigma, shares how to implement a DMAIC roadmap that provides a quantification of process improvement success from lean Six Sigma projects.

Roadmap and Book: Enhanced Six Sigma Process Improvement Project Template

Structure of this enhanced lean Six Sigma roadmap is:


Lean Six Sigma 2.0 Black Belt Free Training Material roadmap


Details of the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System enhanced DMAIC roadmap is described in a 1100+ page book


six sigma project book


An instructor lean Six Sigma Black Belt training guideline is also available for teaching from this book.


Webinar: Enhanced DMAIC Six Sigma Template Description



Contact Us to set up a time to discuss with Forrest Breyfogle how your organization might gain much from an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Process Management System and its enhanced Six Sigma process improvement template. 

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