Enhancement to Six Sigma Metrics

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This described predictive reporting technique overcomes issues that occur with the traditional Six Sigma metrics of sigma quality level and process capability indices  (e.g., Cp , Cpk, Pp, and Ppk).  The provided 30,000-foot-level report-out template provides a process stability assessment and a futuristic statement for stable processes in words that are easy to understand — in one chart!

Traditional Six Sigma process capability indices have issues that can be overcome with a 30,000-foot-level report-out as described in the article below.  For additional information about this Six Sigma metric issue and resolution, CLICK HERE  

Enhancement to Six Sigma Metrics

What organizations and lean Six Sigma metrics need is a reporting methodology that is not unlike “looking out the windshield” of a vehicle, as opposed to driving a car by only viewing the rear view mirror (a hazard practice):



how to provide futuristic statements for six sigma metricss



A 30,000-foot-level metric report-out addresses this futuristic-view need. A 30,000-foot-level metric reporting format provides a futuristic view for metric performance from a process point of view, where if what is expected in the future is not desirable then improvements are needed to a process(es).

When organizations incorporate 30,000-foot-level reporting throughout their organization utilizing an Integrated Enterprise Excellence Business Management System, they can reduce or eliminate metric-reporting caused firefights:



30,000-foot-level metrics provide enhancements to traditional six sigma metrics


Organizations can structurally link 30,000-foot-level metrics to the processes that created them through an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) value chain.

IEE addresses the business scorecard and process improvement issues described in a 1-minute video:


enhanced six sigma metrics video



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