Books on Business Process Management: An Enhanced Business Management System

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An enhanced business management system is described in these books on business process management.  This Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) approach to BPM provides among other things predictive scorecards.

Books on Business Process Management: An Enhanced Business Management System

The Business Process Management System Guidebook is my fourteenth authored or co-authored book. Why did I write this book and so many others?

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The reason is that often people and organizations are trying to answer the wrong question, perhaps to the third decimal place. What I am trying to do in my books is help people and organizations first to define the best question to answer and then to provide a roadmap for effectively creating the best solution to the revised question. 

Business Process Management System Books and Answering the Right Question

To illustrate my point relative to answering the right question, I will provide a few illustrations.  These illustrations can help one better understand my thinking on the need for a business process management system guidebook.


books on business process management that answers the right question
Business Process Management System Books and Answering the Right (Best) Question


In the 1980s when working at IBM, people often asked me to determine for them an appropriate sample size to statistically assess whether a new product would meet a criterion.  My response to their question was typically that the sample size would be much larger than they could possibly test, and the test could provide very deceiving results, since they would not be sampling from the population of interest (i.e., future products that are to be built). I then would ask them what they would like to achieve. This search for a real problem definition would typically lead to a very different question, such as how to deliver a very reliable product.  I would then describe an approach that was much more beneficial than the response would have been to their original sample-size question. 

Business Process Management System Books that Answer Today’s Questions

Today a couple of common questions asked are:

  1. How should we deploy Business Process Management (BPM?
  2. How should we undertake a Lean Six Sigma program? 

If someone were to challenge the original question and ask why the organization wants to undertake one of these programs, a response might be to make more profit in the business.  Both Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Six Sigma can be beneficial, but the question then becomes: Is undertaking BPM or Lean Six Sigma using a traditional deployment methodology the best approach to address the business profitability question?

Both BPM and Lean Six Sigma deployments can lead to silo efforts that do not benefit the enterprise as a whole. In Lean Six Sigma, organizations may be reporting a savings of 100 million dollars from process improvement projects; however, leadership can often have difficulty finding the money.  In BPM, organizations might be focusing on automating processes; however, often these efforts do not translate as much as expected to the bottom line. 

To answer the profitability question head on, organizations need to do something different from either a traditional BPM or Lean Six Sigma deployment.  The approach I suggest is described in my most recent book, The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System. The concepts described in this business process management guidebook can be very beneficial to organizations.  The book-described-concepts can benefit both large and small companies in all industries.


books on business process management: BPM book
Business Process Management System Books Execution Roadmap


What are your thoughts about how we can be trying to answer the wrong question to perhaps the third decimal place?



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