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The enhanced business performance management topics described in more than 50 free articles, videos, and recorded webinars, provide direction, among other things, on how to improve organizational key performance indicators (KPIs) metrics.

Included also from this Smarter Solutions’ resource center library, where the business performance management articles reside, is a description of how to integrate these enhanced business topics within the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) business management system. IEE integrates predictive performance measures with strategy creation so that there is a blending of analytics with innovation that leads to improvement efforts that benefit the enterprise as a whole.

Business Performance Management Articles Enhance Methodologies

The IEE system builds upon the tools and integrates the methodologies of previous efforts. For example Lean Six Sigma process improvement programs and business process management (BPM) deployments have differences but there is an overlap too.

 Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Six Sigma Overlap

IEE addresses this integration and more, as described in the articles and a free BPM guidebook.


Business Performance Management Articles

Topics for the free business performance management articles in this on-line resource center include:

  • Integrating BPM and Lean Six Sigma
  • Avoiding Strategic and Personal Risk in BPM Deployments
  • 30,000-foot-level Performance Reporting Applications
  • Integration of Lean Tools With Predictive Scorecards
  • Project Selection That Benefits the Entire Business
  • Silo-Avoidance Metrics That Lead to the Three R’s of Business
  • Minimizing Business Risks Through a Statistics-Based Predictive Scorecard System
  • Hoshin Planning Issues and Resolution
  • Inputs Into Action: 9 steps to a better VOC-initiated improvement project
  • IEE and the Balanced Scorecard: An Evolution

I will now provide a couple examples of the content that is presented in these business performance management articles, where the above and more than 50 similar articles are available – in additional to two free e-books on the topic.


Minimizing Business Risks through a Statistics-Based Predictive Scorecard System

The risk of quality, delivery, and design problems need to be minimized with the offerings of organizations. For this to occur, measurable, auditable, sustainable, and consistent entities are needed; however, when care is not exercised, executives, operations personnel, and quality departments can be making decisions that are inappropriate, which lead to problems and/or excessive costs. Predictive metrics and their wise application can help mitigate these risks.

These risks can be mitigated through two primary methods:

  • Eliminate the risk through structural or procedural changes.
  • Create a reporting structure that is able to identify performance changes before there is a risk of impacting a customer or client.

This business performance management article is about the tools and methods to introduce a reporting structure that allows a business to identify and mitigate risk before it impacts the bottom line.

Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS) software is available, which provides insight through predictive performance metrics on where actions should be taken to minimize business risks and undertaken enhancement opportunities.

 Predictive Performance Measurement Reporting Software


Integrating Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma Article

Both Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Six Sigma have been implemented in organizations. Some natural overlap is present in these two methodologies, along with some differences. This business performance management article will describe how these two methodologies.

The above article descriptions are only two of the more than 50 articles in the on-line resource center.  Let me know what you think about these business performance management articles. If you like these articles, it would be great if you gave this post a Google + and/or other social-media liking. 

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