Business Management Systems Thinking Book

Amazon now offers a 4-book set titled Business Management Systems Thinking: Integrated Enterprise Excellence Orchestrates Business Process Management, Analytics and Statistics with KPI Reporting, Strategic Planning & Process Improvement.

business management systems thinking book

The enhanced business management system, Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE), has advanced the application of lean and Six Sigma tools to become a next generation business management system.

This 4-book set describes IEE, its benefits and implementation details. IEE has advanced the application of lean and Six Sigma tools to become a next generation business management system.

 IEE offers an agile systems thinking management methodology that provides leadership:

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking from a process-output perspective, which delivers enhanced insight and predictive scorecards.
  • Structured alignment of organizational performance metrics with the processes that created them, where if a measurement is predictive and undesirable, the associated process needs enhancement.
  • business analytics and statistics usage roadmap that helps determine where to focus process improvement efforts so that the big picture benefits.
  • Strategic planning creation insight that leads to the identification and later timely completion of targeted efforts so that the bottom-line of an organization is enhanced.
  • consistent handbook for executing and completing process improvement projects in a timely and efficient way, where the most appropriate lean or Six Sigma tool is used at the right time to reduce waste, lower non-conformance rates, reduce cycle times, and/or improve efficiencies.
  • The framework for creating organizational transparency and establishing controls that minimize business risks.

The nine steps of IEE provide a structured systems thinking framework for business management.

Step 1 of the IEE system is the Vision and Mission of the organization.  The remaining IEE 8 steps are to be in alignment with step 1.

In step 2, an IEE value chain describes what an organization does and how it measures what is done, providing predictive KPIs. 

The enterprise analytics used in step 3 of the IEE governance system includes a structured approach for collective assessing Voice of the Customer (VOC), business competition, Theory of Constraints (TOC), business scorecard outputs, business innovation, and current process performance, to create financial improvement objectives (step 4), targeted strategies (step 5), identification of performance metric improvement efforts (step 6), and execution of a lean kaizen event, PDCA or lean Six Sigma project for process improvement (step 7) so the business enterprise as a whole benefits.  Step 8 assess the impact of process enhancements relative to enterprise goal, while step 9 provides direction on how to maintain the gain.

IEE books show the how-to-create details for: Total Quality Management (TQM); Operational Excellence; Business analytics and statistics data analysis. 

 IEE provides a means for addressing needs of the Baldrige Award, ISO 9000, Sarbanes Oxley and Deming management.

 This package contains two IEE introduction books (IEE System and IEE Vol. I), one IEE 9-step system book (IEE Vol. II), and one process improvement DMAIC roadmap book (IEE Vol. III):