Benefits of Lean Six Sigma: An Enhanced Approach for Bottom-line Success

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The benefits of an organizational lean Six Sigma Implementation is enhanced through an Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) deployment of this process improvement methodology.

The linked-to PDF article below discusses example lean Six Sigma metrics for process improvement efforts and the potential Cost of Doing Nothing Differently (CODND) impact from process enhancement changes.

By the way, an IEE CODND metric can provide more insight than a traditional Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) measurement, which is often is a part of a traditional lean Six Sigma deployment.

An Enhanced Approach for Achieving Bottom-line Success Benefits from a Lean Six Sigma Implementation

A lean Six Sigma implementation is to reduce defects and waste.  However, often what happens in a traditional deployment is game playing with the numbers; e.g., we saved 100 million dollars but nobody can find the money.

An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Business Management System provides an enhanced lean Six Sigma deployment template that addresses these game-playing issues and helps the business as a whole experience bottom-line benefit:


benefits of lean six sigma iee deployment


IEE breaks down traditional  lean Six Sigma organization silo improvement project selection, which often leads to  efforts that do not have a true overall business financial benefit:


benefits of lean six sigma iee project selection


IEE provides the template for addressing the business scorecard and improvement effort issues that are described in a one-minute video:


benefits of iee lean six sigma deployment video



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