Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Book


The book Lean Six Sigma in Sickness and in Health seeks to explain, using a healthcare illustration, Beyond Lean Six Sigma techniques in a thorough but entertaining and easy-to-understand way. The easy-to-digest format is perfect for executive managers scanning for the right management initiative, whether they are looking for application of Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare or elsewhere. This format is also useful in allaying the nervousness (and the accompanying loss of productivity) that middle and lower-level managers often experience when a new management initiative is introduced.

Armed with the information described in the book, they’ll find that the implementation experience can be one of confidence, optimism, and new energy for everyone involved. This book and the overall methodology are not just for those in manufacturing. The described Beyond Lean Six Sigma methods work for all businesses. For example, in this story, Beyond Lean Six Sigma methods are applied to the health care industry, where millions of dollars are saved by applying Lean Six Sigma principles to the industry.

Book chapters

  1. The Accident
  2. What Bad Processes Mean to Good People
  3. Season of Discontent
  4. Buy In
  5. Roll Out
  6. Training
  7. Define
  8. Measure
  9. Analyze
  10. Improve
  11. Control
  12. Conclusion

Lean Six Sigma in Sickness and in Health: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence Novel, Forrest Breyfogle and Arvind Salvekar, Smarter Solutions, Austin, TX, 2004.


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