Effective Business Process Management Software Development

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Business process management software development issues and resolution is described in the below PDF article title “Avoiding Strategic and Personal Risk in BPM Deployments: Why organizations should not start with automation when initiating a BPM deployment.” This PDF article describes how to avoid Business Process Management (BPM) deployment risks, which can be very unhealthy both personally and to an organization.

The PDF described methodology for creating An Enterprise Process Management (EPM) system that is the foundation for a successful BPM deployment. The inclusion of a solid EPM system in a BPM deployment will significantly reduce the risk of a BPM deployment failure and can also provide organizational benefits beyond the automation of a few workflows.

This PDF provides an overview of details with an EPM and BPM integration.  Further information on the creating an EPM-BPM deployment are described in the book The Business Process Management Guidebook: An Integrated Enterprise Excellence BPM System.

business process management software development issues and resolution

Business Process Management Software Development Issues: BPM Desire

BPM can be used by organizations to move their business forward through the:

  • Management standardization practices
  • Automation of workflow
  • Improvement of customer experience
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Non-conformance reduction

All businesses should want these benefits; however, with BPM, like other business change, there are risks. Common BPM company deployment business risks include wasted expense (software and IT), wasted labor and training, similar process efficiencies after two years, and another “program of the month” implementation.

There are also personal risks for the person who is stimulating the change, which includes reputation, continued employment and future influence; however, if a BPM implementation is done right it can not only benefit the company but also the career of the person who initiates the change.

Business Process Management Software Development Issue: BPM Resolutions

An Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system for implementing BPM can be used to address the above issues.

Descriptions of the IEE BPM 2.0 implementation methodology are available through:

For more information about business process management software development issues, download the PDF article.


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