Are humans are overzealous cause detectors?

Post by: Rick Haynes

The title of this post is a line from a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article “Do our Gadgets Really Threaten Planes? by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris, Sept 7 2012.  The article poses a question if the ban on phones and such is based on fact or fear.  It is a good question because many […]

Creation of count metrics – Problems in the Olympics

Post by: Rick Haynes

I read an article by Carl Bialik, “The numbers guy” at the Wall Street Journal titled “Victory by total Medals or Just Gold?” that I wish I would have written. In this article, Mr. Bailik discusses different method to report the winner of the Olympics.  By total medals is the most common method with the […]

Male-female wage gap – statistics can lie

Post by: Rick Haynes

A Wall Street Journal article on 12 Apr 2011 by Carrie Lukas, “There is no Male-Female Wage Gap” documents a clear case of how statistics can be used to prove just about anything. Ms Lukas notes that April 12th is equal pay day, but you are not hearing much about the wage gap and how […]

Predicting financial results – it is difficult in a complex system

Post by: Rick Haynes

An editorial in the December 21 Wall Street Journal discusses the impact of a tax rate change in Oregon.  The point of this posting is that predicting outcomes is not easy. In Oregon’s case, the state voted to increase the marginal tax rate on the wealthy by ~2%.  They predicted the financial benefit to the […]



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